Waals World Wallclock

24 timezones = 1 hour'day = 24 hours

The Waals World Wallclock exists of one circle with 12 hour-hands, represented by 24 capitol names. Per hour-hand 2 capitol names that differ exactly 24 hours in time (am/pm).

This circle with the printed 12 hour-hands is attached on the dial like a normal hour-hand, together with a minute-hand.

This design is based on Standard Time. In the west the time is less, in the east time increases.

Amsterdam 10.08 am / Beijing 5.08 pm / New York 4.08 am / Jakarta 4.08 pm / Rio de Janeiro 7.08 am

According to Holland
Competition entry "Call for Competition" 2006/2007
"New world wide business gift" 
Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs in cooperation with Droog Design