Folding Flower Vase

(....) ingenious and lightweight vase remains watertight and folds flat for storage, travel and mailing (...) 
MoMA catalogue

material laminated (polyester) cardboard, watertight
20 x 10 x 29cm

"In 'aesthetic simplicity' complex elements are contained within a harmonious sincere plainness. Simplification is going to the extreme without destroying these elements, however.Simplicity must retain complexity in order not to become monotonous"

1986 a grant for the development of vases by means of folding techniques
Ministry of Culture WVC
1988 till 1990 production and distribution worldwide,
exclusively by the Museum of Modern Art NY
1988 "Most original Use of Design Award",
Accent of Design Show New York
1990 production by Studio TRV Amsterdam, 
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